The Mother's Integral School

The Mother's Integral School owes its existence to the DIVINE MOTHER’S grace and was the brain child of a great visionary with high ideals, Dr. V. Manmohan Reddy, a grand old man close to the hearts of one and all, popularly known as Dadaji.

Dadaji, a devotee of the Divine Mother with his conscientious attitude, pragmatic approach, thirst for academic excellence and perennial quest for knowledge laid the foundation for this institution in 1985.

The school, true to its name, was established with the noble aim of enduring an integral development of the child, stressing on the mental, physical, vital, psychical and spiritual aspects of education, and thus making the younger generation responsible citizens and good human souls.

It is an English Medium School with co-education and state syllabus. The school strength is about 1000 with Thirty students in each section.